Your Home School Preschool Teaching Guide

A home school preschool guide to tell you what to teach your child at home? Really? And with creative lessons to make it loads of fun for him and rewarding for you? Well, keep reading.

These basic steps were very helpful when I created a homeschool preschool curriculum plan for our children:

Developing a preschool homeschool curriculum really is that simple.

home school preschool

Basic Preschool Curriculum Ideas

Cover the following subjects in your homeschool pre-k curriculum:

  • Bible, manners, or character education
  • Teaching the alphabet
  • Numbers and counting
  • Handwriting
  • Art and Music
  • You should also cover these skills at this age:

  • Movement and exercise
  • Community and the world we live in
  • Homeschool themes and lessons in Nature and what's around

Create Dedicated Areas of Learning

Be sure that your child knows exactly where the arts and crafts, reading, play, and other areas of interest are in your home so he can help to put the preschool materials away when finished. The clean up process will be so much easier if the boundaries are clearly laid out for him.

Read Great Books to Your Child

Reading to your child at this stage is invaluable and helps prepare them for homeschool kindergarten. Watch how excited he gets when called over to spend one-on-one time with you as you read his favorite book. You might even be able to get him to snuggle up during this time if you select a comfy chair!

Create Memories As You Build Things

I'm not talking about adding on another room to the house. Spend time with him creating and discovering as he "builds" things. Let him learn that if he builds home school preschoola twenty-five inch machine gun using Legos it probably won't last during a pretend game of war! Our then four-year-old son found this out the hard way.

Have Fun With Arts & Crafts

Our preschooler and I spend hours simply making paper chains with colored paper. We cut, staple or glue strips of paper together just for the sheer enjoyment of being together. Then, he gets such a thrill when I agree to let him surprise Dad by decorating the house with them.

Recently, we discovered lapbooks as another great way to spend time together cutting and gluing, with a purpose!

Preschool activities are most beneficial when they provide hands-on-experience such as the craft and learning activities at Holly's Preschool Place.

Preschool Party Games
Fantastic selection of kids party games for a fun filled kids party! Be it Easter holiday, Halloween or Christmas, plan your party and enjoy with these fun kids party games and ideas.

As you home school preschool age children, remember to have plenty of fun with them so that they will love to learn...with you!

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