Your Homeschool Curriculum Options

Are you wondering about which homeschool curriculum to use when you start or continue to teach your child? You will have to choose from the various forms of resources such as printed, audio or Internet materials. 

There are many helpful books available in addition to this site that offer guidance in selecting which home school resource is best for you. 

Homeschool Curriculum Options

Other factors like cost, ease of use, and the amount of time needed to complete the lessons will have to be carefully examined as you make your selection from the many types of curriculum for religious and secular homeschoolers.

From what I have observed over the years, we seem to have the following choices when choosing materials for subjects from art to zoology:

  • textbook/workbook option such as the Abeka books which offer a consumable, fill-in type workbook or non-consumable textbook such as the Apologia science curriculum series
  • worktexts such as Paces, LifePacs and LightUnits which offer instruction in small increments in consumable booklets, although some families use notebooks to answer the questions and reuse these with other children
  • video/DVD resources such as D.I.V.E. math and science resources to accompany resources like Apologia and Saxon
  • online programs such as Bob Jones distance learning program where there is a "virtual teacher" to instruct your child/ren and the parent acts as the "coach" and makes certain the work is done
  • unit study programs such as Five in a Row or Alpha Omega's Weaver where several grades study a complete "unit of study" together as a family
  • computer software such as Switched on Schoolhouse which offers audio and visual supplements to the written text found in their texts
  • and eclectic materials which include a variety of resources and styles of teaching, such as "unschooling," Montessori or Charlotte Mason techniques

These different options have unique pros and cons in what they offer.

Other specific features to look at will be whether you want Christian or Catholic materials, free or used resources or whether you want to complete online studies.

Publishers provide homeschool materials for preschool to high school courses. They offer resources to appeal to all learning and teaching styles.

They offer art, home school science curriculum, homeschool history curriculum, and most any subject you might study.

Choose carefully from the available types of resources to get the best homeschool curriculum materials for you and your family for a successful school year.

You will be glad you took the time before making your homeschool curriculum choices.

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