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Welcome to the About Me page on All About Homeschool Curriculum website. I appreciate you taking the time to visit this website and hope that you will return often.

I am the mother of ten biological "arrows from the Lord" and an "adopted daughter," Natalie (pictured 2nd from left.) She lived with us over the summer and has been like a member of our family ever since.

She loves to refer to herself as "the oldest of eleven children."

My husband Wayne and I reside in TN with our ten children, six of whom still live at home. The two oldest daughters live in a house nearby and two others attend college in Clarksville.

We have been blessed to become grandparents since the arrival of our first grandchild, Ezekiel James!

Our current pet population includes a Beagle named "Dude" and an average-sized, tropical fish aquarium of named pets as well, but I will spare you those details!

My husband Wayne and I have homeschooled our children from kindergarten through high school. We believe that it is a great way to train children spiritually and academically; however, we know that homeschooling is not the only way to teach children!

I hope this About Me page and the rest of this site answers some of your questions concerning how and why we home educate our children.

Home education is a way of life
for our family.

Since Getting Started...

  • We have graduated four children from home school high school. One graduated from Vanderbilt University with a double major after receiving an academic scholarship. Another is currently pursuing a degree in Education. Two other home school graduates earned the HOPE scholarship and are attending college, with one daughter completing her high school studies at the age of sixteen
  • All our college graduates have graduated with honors
  • Three of our daughters have completed an entire novel during the National Novel Writing challenge for several years. Several years ago, they helped their then-eight-year-old sister complete one as well
  • One has a growing website and is attending cosmetology school and another one has her own blog
  • Our sons have learned to do numerous electrical, plumbing, and home repair jobs for us and receive praises from others for their abilities and work ethics
  • One son is very talented with computers and is learning coding and another is following his passion in art via online studies
  • The boys also participate in team sports
  • Previously I...

  • Taught in the public schools in NYC for five years before retiring to stay home with our young family
  • Was an Independent Study Program (ISP) Coordinator for Straight Arrow Private School in Oceanside, CA, which served home schooling families, for ten years until relocating to TN
  • Taught in the Children's Ministry at our church
  • Currently I...

  • about meStill provide curriculum counseling to moms just getting started and those who need advice along the way
  • Enjoy working on this website, writing articles, and submitting comments on blogs
  • I also have the privilege of caring for our four-year-old grandson during the day

For the 2013-2014 academic year, I will be educating children in the following grades: 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 10th

I have been home educating our children for twenty-five years now and will continue for another nine years, since our youngest is only nine years old.

Pursuing My Dreams

I have primarily been a stay-at-home mom other than a few brief periods of working outside the home through a temporary agency and as a designer for closets and garage storage solutions from 2008-2010.

Now, I am able to enjoy the best of both of these worlds. I can stay home with our family and earn an income doing what I am most passionate about!

Thank you for taking the time to read my About Me page. On this site I plan to offer quality content resulting from my experience as a homeschool mom of ten children.

Now, click here to read how Site Build It allows me to explore my passion by creating this website to help others through sharing my experiences.

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