Homeschool Holidays 

Use various homeschool holidays to teach religious, historical, and cultural facts to your family. You can find great printable holiday worksheets and other forms to study these special occasions.

When you add a study of homeschool holidays and their traditions to your homeschool curriculum you will likely consider topics such as these:

Monthly Occasions – Use a calendar to discover the most common and lesser-known holiday observances for the US and other countries.

From January, with the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday through December, with the much-anticipated Christmas season, there will be opportunities to study many homeschool holidays within your homeschool lessons.

Holiday Worksheets – Use these fun, free printable activities to teach, review, and practice your study surrounding holiday celebrations and traditions.

Homeschool Christmas – Enjoy the ten suggested ideas to make your holiday break from school an enjoyable and educational one for you and your child.

Thanksgiving Words – Make good use of the thirty-plus words shared that relate to the study of Thanksgiving for spelling, handwriting, copy work or other activities.

Thanksgiving Worksheets – Be challenged with these worksheets that ask your students to research the holiday and complete questions based on their studies.

There are also a few fun worksheets such as the type where they are asked to make smaller words from a larger word or phrase like "Thanksgiving Day."

Mom's Birthday – In our home school, we observe the teacher's (Mom) birthday with a day off from school and lots of time spent together. Generally, I end up talking about my days as a little girl growing up in the city and we do extra fun things together!

Similarly, on each of our children's birthdays, we have a special meal and they are free from doing any chores that day. Yes, we still have school because we couldn't take off that many days during the year. (I have ten children, remember?)

Back-to-Homeschool – Learn tips and ideas to prepare yourself, your home, and your children to return to formal schooling after a terrific time off during the summer months.

Homeschool Christmas Ideas – Choose from a suggested list of activities to do with your family during a Christmas celebration. There should be something here for everyone no matter what your interests are.

How to Study Homeschool Holidays

There are various ways to approach the study of the many holiday celebrations that arise during the school year. One of the most common ways include using reproducible downloads from the Internet known as printables.

You can find many holiday worksheets to help you study these special days with your children. Be sure to select age-appropriate worksheets and activities that will keep their interest.

Another great way is to create a scrapbook or lap book. These visual records become a collection of all the facts learned about a particular person, event or place related to a holiday celebration. Add captions to photos for an added learning opportunity especially with reluctant writers.

Re-enactments of historical events also allow children (and parents) to learn as they create costumes and scenery to re-tell accounts studied based on specific people or places related to a holiday.

For example, a skit portraying the events with Rosa Parks, a Black seamstress, who refused to give up her seat on a bus in Alabama, to a White passenger, when ordered to do so by the bus driver.

Or, perhaps recreate a portrayal that involves the lesser-known account with Claudette Colvin, a fifteen-year-old student at Booker T. Washington High School, who nine months earlier had refused to give up her seat and was arrested.

Most children enjoy learning through cooking and eating so seize these teachable opportunities that exist! Spend time with them in the kitchen sharing favorite foods surrounding the holiday traditions. Let them research and create their edible treats and discuss what they liked/disliked about the dishes.

The list is almost endless of the different ways to teach and study the various homeschool holidays that arise. Be as creative as possible so they can gain an honest representation of how families experience these traditions.

Food, costumes, re-enactments, research projects, videos, crafts, and games are just a few of the ways to celebrate the special occasions. Also, remember to check out things that may be happening locally at the library and other places to mark these special dates, too.

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