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Are you thinking about whether to use the Abeka Homeschool Curriculum or a different home school curriculum option for your family?

Abeka books cover grades Nursery through twelfth. Abeka provides home school resources in the basic subject areas plus many electives and are widely used in the Christian and home school communities.

Abeka is viewed as a leader in offering quality resources and support to Christian schools and homeschoolers through the Abeka Academy and homeschool curriculum suppliers.

Examine these pros and cons of homeschooling and decide whether homeschooling with Abeka books would be right for your family.

Abeka Homeschool Curriculum Facts

Contact Info: ABeka Books, www.abeka.com

Type: Christian, Traditional Workbooks

Grades Covered: Preschool through High School

Subjects Covered: Core + Electives

My Abeka Home Schooling Experience

I have enjoyed using the Abeka homeschool books since the 80's with our children. I especially enjoyed the Abeka phonics readers and creative writing assignments in their Language books. The Abeka science and history texts are great reads for middle and high school students, even boys!

I used the Abeka math worktexts when I was beginning homeschooling and again when our children were in primary grades to supplement another math program. It was quite rigorous but the material was presented well.

Our children have enjoyed the Abeka Curriculum and I have only had to occasionally modify it if it seemed that they were experiencing "burn-out" from excessive drills and repetition. It also helps that I am often able to buy used Abeka books from curriculum sales and Internet sources.

Available Choices

Currently, Abeka Home School Curriculum provides three options to those who want to educate their children themselves.

First, they have the video/DVD option for grades K-12 where they provide ALL the homeschool materials but your child receives instruction from their master teachers on DVDs.

Next, they have the Traditional Parent-Directed option for grades K-6 which allows the parent to teach the child utilizing their materials but they create progress reports and transcripts for the student.

Finally, they offer home school textbooks and materials that can be purchased individually to teach your child in grades K-12, in most subjects like phonics, math, reading, science, history, and more..

Specific Strengths

  • Christian in its approach to educating students
  • Encourages and strengthens patriotism in students
  • Very academically challenging in all subjects
  • Awesome resale potential for current as well as previous editions
  • Helpful student handbooks found in rear of their math and language workbooks
  • Very detailed homeschool lessons for new home schoolers

abeka homeschool curriculum

Specific Weaknesses

  • Numerous components are required to teach your child at home
  • Amount of required resources can be overwhelming
  • The retail prices of teacher's editions are somewhat pricey
  • Cursive penmanship is introduced in grade K4 which may be seen as too early by some
  • Students have a great deal of repetition and drill which may be unwarranted due to the small teacher-student ratio

The Abeka Homeschool Curriculum has been used by millions of home schoolers since 1978 as stated in their current catalog! I think their longevity and the fact that they're used by so many Christian schools and families attests to what a great homeschool curriculum this is.

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