Homeschooling with Sonlight Curriculum

Sonlight Curriculum is a Christian, literature-based book supplier with a strong focus on history. Not just US history, either. They cover all history as it relates to all people!

Educational Philosophy

Sonlight's Homeschool Curriculum utilizes a Charlotte Mason educational approach by providing real books rather than boring textbooks filled with pages of biased, regurgitated subject matter that wouldn't hold your child's interest any longer than it would hold yours or mine.

Since 1990, this provider of educational resources for grades K-12, has supplied homeschool materials that emphasize a Christian, missions view of the world. They also seek to develop a lifelong love for learning within your child with their selection of interesting books.

Facts at a Glance

Contact Info: Sonlight Curriculum,

Type: Christian, literature-rich homeschool packages

Grades Covered: Preschool through High School

Subjects Covered: Core + Electives

Program Strengths

  • material can be used with multiple grades
  • academically challenging course of study
  • flexible 4- or 5-day schedules presented in their fantastic Instructor's Guides
  • allows significant interaction between you and your child
  • develops a global Christian worldview

Program Weaknesses

  • requires significant parental involvement which may be difficult for some
  • exposure to non-Christian beliefs and material in upper level grades
  • does not overly focus on the Bible and character-building if looking for that
  • high cost of core packages
  • lacks numerous hands-on activities found in other programs

Our Experience

My personal experience in using Sonlight's Curriculum has been a very good one. I would recommend it to families that are willing to learn in a different and enjoyable way.

If you want textbooks and lots of drills,
this would not be the best fit for you.

I especially enjoy the fact that I have been able to order individual books and wasn't required to order entire packages.

Also, our children have really enjoyed their books and the Read-Alouds were an immediate hit. I had to try to hide the books to keep them from reading books needed in later units. What a problem to have, right?

Lastly, I must sing praises about their invaluable Instructor's Guides with helpful CopyWork/Dictation and Creative Writing exercises. They offer just the right amount of assistance for new and veteran homeschoolers.

I expect to see this wonderful publisher around for another twenty years unless they choose to do something else.

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