Organize Your Homeschool Materials

Are your homeschool materials threatening to take over the house? If you're like most of us then you know what I'm talking about. How is it that home school books and resources seem to multiply exponentially when you educate at home? That certainly seems to be the case in our home and most of my homeschooling friends tell that same story!

Types of Homeschool Materials

Once we start homeschooling, most of us will need to organize many of these types of homeschool resources:

  • homeschool curriculum choices we're currently using and other books we intend to use later
  • additional books for personal reading, reference, and supplements
  • arts & crafts supplies to keep the toddlers occupied or do projects
  • paper & office supplies from pencils and paper to laminating supplies
  • specialty & hobby items for art or other electives
  • toys & educational games that entertain and educate our children

Set Up a System to Manage Materials

homeschool materials

First, let your children know where you want all educational resources to be kept. Next, purchase a label maker, label everything, and sort into clear storage boxes or bins. Then, teach them how to properly care for resources and to help keep things neatly arranged. Finally, donate or sell used books and supplies on Ebay or Amazon so your living space does not become cluttered.

Keeping the Space Clean and Organized

Just because you and your children are home every day does not mean the house has to look a mess. Train your children from an early age to put things away they have used them.

Your home may not look like a home in one of those design magazines, but you can at least feel comfortable enough to invite a friend over.

Remember, designate the areas of your home that you want your children to do their schoolwork or projects in and try not to deviate too far from that plan.

Encourage your children to care for resources and always clean up after themselves. Make it easier for them by clearly labeling storage containers and bins used for home school supplies.

What Works Well For Us

homeschool materials

Bookcases, armoires, and China cabinets are some of our primary storage solutions. They work well for storing books and supplies that even younger children can easily reach.

When you do your regular spring cleaning around the house, clear out any unnecessary books and supplies so you have space for future purchases.

So, strive for an orderly home although you are homeschooling daily and will have times of "organized chaos." However, try not to become so rigid that you never allow your children to have fun and explore even the messy homeschool materials like paints and clay.

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