Sell Used Books at Homeschool Curriculum Fairs

Learn to effectively price and sell used books at homeschool curriculum fairs. After all, if you're not using them anymore, why not let others benefit from your used homeschool books for less than retail prices? Then, you can buy next year's resources with the proceeds from your sales.

Many local homeschool co-op and support groups provide opportunities to sell used home school curriculum from April to September, in many areas.

Top Reasons For Selling

Most of the people at fairs choose to sell used books because...

  1. they've finished using the books and won't need them for other children
  2. they're no longer home schooling
  3. they need the money to buy other resources
  4. they're running out of space on their bookcases
  5. and, a few might even admit that they or their children hated a particular book or curriculum

My Tips For Success at Fairs

  1. Be realistic instead of greedy when you price your used books or supplies. Just because you spent $200 on a microscope, don't expect someone to give you that much for it.

    The same holds true for homeschool curriculum. Few people are willing to pay a price that is almost what a product retails for. Expect to knock off about 25% of the retail price unless it is a highly sought after item.

  2. I like to include the retail price above my asking price so potential buyers have an idea of the bargain I'm giving them. Also, expect some haggling to occur and it's customary to offer volume discounts if someone purchases multiple items from your table.
  3. It also helps to bundle items together for better selling power. For example, sell the student text and teacher's edition plus answer keys. Or, tie three horse books together for the animal lovers! Buyers love it when you make their job easier.
  4. Be sure your items are in the same good shape that you would expect if you were the purchaser. Really, do you think someone else wants the hassle of erasing all the pencil marks from your child's answers? I know I don't.
  5. Repair bindings and any torn pages prior to the fair. Then, make a hefty reduction in your price if you want to get a sale. Don't try to unload your shabby books on parents for their children.

A Few More Tips

When you're at the used book fair, be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Check to see if you can pack some bottled water and snacks,too. Pace yourself especially if the fair lasts several hours.

Familiarize yourself with the items on your table and be prepared to answer prospective buyers' questions about your resources. They may ask things like, "What ages/grades were your children when you used them?" or "What did you like most about the curriculum?"

Finally, avoid the urge to buy too much from the neighboring vendors. You're there to sell used books not buy all theirs. Have a list of the items you need for the upcoming year and try really hard not to stray too far from it. Have a great time selling!

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