Buy Used Home School Curriculum at Bargain Prices

I buy used home school curriculum for our family from offline and online sources. I do this primarily because I want to enjoy the terrific savings! But, I also enjoy talking with used curriculum sellers who, for the most part, personally used these home school books with their children and are willing to share their experiences.

I have gotten homeschool materials from some of these offline locations...

  • Your local Homeschool Curriculum Fair will often have tables set up in a designated room where you can purchase used home school curriculums rather than, or in addition to the new items sold by vendors.
  • I have gotten used books at neighborhood yard sales for next to nothing. Especially if it's around 2:00pm and the spouse is ready to end the sale and go inside!
  • Most consignment sales will have used books and toys. Go on the final day when many items are half-price for even greater deals.
  • Public Library book sales will often have used books that are appropriate for home school. Dictionaries, foreign language books, classics, Bibles, and reading books for children are commonly found at these sales.
  • Barter or swap with friends or other home school families for their used books or resources. Several years ago, a friend paid off a debt to me with a hardcover set of the McGuffey readers she owned!
  • Attend public and private school sales where used curriculum, furniture, and other unwanted items are sold that could be useful for teaching at home. We received several trapezoid-shaped tables with chairs from such a sale.
  • Several of the Christian Bookstores even sell used home school curriculum in their home education, Sunday school, or VBS sections. Often, they will consign your unwanted, homeschool resources, too.

The next offline sources for buying books are found online. They are the local homeschool email lists and Craigslist postings.

If you're not familiar with these, you typically join a Yahoo group, read and reply to posts from other members, and then make arrangements to pick up your purchases or have them delivered.

I purchased a nearly new copy of the entire Weaver Vol. 1 homeschool curriculum a few years ago from a local woman on a list at!

I've gotten great deals at too. Also, has been a really good place to donate used homeschool books to families in need.

It feels good to give as well as to receive those "killer deals."

Some of my online sources for used home school curriculum include...

  • Ebay sales and auctions which comes as no surprise, right? I have found much of our curriculum and home school supplies there.
  • Another great online shopping outlet for used home school curriculum has been Their prices for used homeschool materials can start as low as under two dollars. Many times I've gotten free shipping, too.
  • Again, check out local homeschool email lists and Craigslist postings since sometimes sellers are willing to mail the items to you.
  • Finally, here are a few of the boards that I have visited or purchased used resources from:


Please don't get mad at me if you can't find what you're looking for at these sites, okay? Just search for others that might have the resources you need. Happy bargain hunting!

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