Successful Homeschool Curriculum Fair Shopping

A homeschool curriculum fair is a great opportunity to view and purchase your home school books and supplies as long as you do not let the excitement of the vendors and all their wares lead you to make rash or uninformed curriculum choices.

Most home school conventions are held in large event centers or hotels and the curriculum hall portion is housed separately in ballrooms or similar types of areas.

For example, many years ago a very popular event in Southern California was held at the Disneyland Hotel and they transformed a large portion of the venue into a massive exhibit hall where we shopped until we nearly dropped!

Preview homeschool curriculum reviews beforehand and select resources that best fit your style of teaching and your child's style of learning.

Preparation is key to securing the necessary homeschool resources for your family's needs.

Plan Ahead for a Homeschool Curriculum Fair

Prior to attending a home school curriculum fair, you should...

  • develop your goals for the upcoming year and have an overview of what you hope to teach each of your children for each of the subject areas
  • research publishers online, read reviews, and ask friends about their book choices to learn the pros and cons of certain resources
  • request book samples and contact customer service reps with specific questions about potential resources
  • arrive with your detailed list and wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • stay focused and don't stray too far from your list of materials needed

Things to Consider

After you search out resources and have an opportunity to view them in person, there are still other factors to consider before purchasing books, such as...

  • the final cost of the resources and whether they are affordable for your family
  • the amount of time required to complete the lessons in a particular curriculum program versus others
  • whether you will choose online, traditional or unit study resources to teach your children
  • the teaching style of resources such as online, traditional, unit studies or unschooling, for instance

Generally, new and used books, math or science supplies, and various other educational aids can be found at a home school curriculum fair. It can also be a great place to see new products and choose supplemental resources and fun games. Remember to grab lots of interesting pens, pencils, and markers to make your task of grading papers and overall writing a lot more fun, too.

Remember, arm yourself with a thorough list so you can make the best possible selections.

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