Home School High School

Home school high school can present a challenge for some families for a number of reasons. The choice of subjects and homeschool curriculum is often viewed with an entirely different outlook than the younger grades.

It is often during these higher grades that many home educators feel compelled to abandon their previously held convictions to pursue high school home study with their children.

What, if anything, could cause such a mass exodus from a lifestyle that was previously upheld and fervently defended by its former "owners?"

home school high school

A Few Challenges

When a child approaches high school home study status, suddenly things can change for the child and the parents. Now, one or both parents may question whether home education is still the best option for them.

There can also be much more interference and disapproval from others around this time. Even the appeal of high school summer jobs, internships or other activities can become an issue now.

Some of the issues that may also challenge a family interested in homeschool high school include:

  • Parent/teacher's own feelings of inadequacies to continue to teach the child at home with high school homeschool curriculum
  • Spouse's beliefs that the parent/teacher is incapable of continuing to teach the child at home
  • Child no longer desires to be schooled at home by parents and becomes resistant or uncooperative
  • Other factors like a parent needs to get a job, return to work or school or is unable to school the child any longer
  • Child wants to participate in group sports, science labs, drama club or yearbook organizations not provided by your local home school support groups

home school high school

Home School High School is Still Possible

Although the homeschool record keeping and homeschool courses will differ from what was found in the primary and middle grades, home school high school is still possible for those who choose that route.

Despite the obstacles that may present themselves, your child does not need to feel that s/he has to forfeit anything he wishes to be involved in by continuing to be schooled at home!

Education Quizzes is a site that provides innovative ways to learn and revise the core subjects of math, English, and science for your high school age children.

There are numerous online high school courses, home school activities, and summer reading clubs available to fulfill the interests of an older student.

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