A Guide to Homeschool
High School

Discover how to homeschool high school grades and help your son or daughter continue to learn using familiar homeschool curriculum that reflects your Biblical and world viewpoints.

Families often think that teaching homeschool high school grades is impossible for their child/ren. Yet, others continue to teach at home until their child completes the twelfth grade.

The idea of trying to teach the more challenging subjects of science, math, and English at this level is not appealing to some who welcome the chance to send their children off to public or private schools.

Basically, if someone is willing to teach through high school, there are four options of doing this as a homeschooler. They can continue to teach their child themselves using appropriate level resources, they can enroll their child in a homeschool cooperative, they can register their child in an online program or they can hire a tutor to assist them with the child's lessons.

I have seen more people opt for the choice of sending their child to a homeschool co-op but I will discuss all the options so you can be informed of the available choices.

Note: I am not abreast of the homeschooling laws in all states and countries so be sure to check the requirements for your area to make sure you are in compliance with the local educational agency.

High School Home Study

After teaching elementary grades, some parents just move right into middle school grades. Then, there are those who are brave enough to continue into the high school grades. It really has to be a choice that works for your family, particularly the child and the parent-teacher.

I am not judging anyone who decides to quit homeschooling at this time or even sooner. It takes a lot of commitment and the work, especially recordkeeping and accountability, really increases at the high school level.

However, for those willing to continue, you can purchase your homeschool curriculum for the high school level and work through it as you did in the earlier grades.

Popular curriculum publishers like Abeka and Bob Jones offer resources that cover basic subjects and electives in these higher grades.

As I said, recordkeeping becomes more detailed now and you have to specify which science class your child is pursuing rather than just listing science. Similarly with math, you would be required to list the exact course and resources, too, of a particular class, such as Algebra 2 or Geometry using Saxon.

Tutorial Classes

Another very helpful option is to enroll your child in a home school cooperative or tutorial program for some or all of their classes. They offer the basic subjects and many great electives, too. They are fashioned a lot like a college class with a syllabus, lab fees, and a tuition cost.

Generally, this is a less expensive option than private school. It also allows a child to transition from being exclusively at home to a more social arena among other students and instructors.

It requires a lot of independent work outside the classroom which meets once or twice a week, often in a church with other homeschoolers.

We participated in this type of program for a few classes and our daughter really enjoyed the experience.

However, there can be challenges in all situations and we quickly realized that although all the children were being homeschooled, there was very little difference between some of the behavior exhibited there and what you would expect to find in a traditional, public school.

Homeschooling Done Online

Another method that allows homeschoolers to continue to teach through high school is to register their child for online studies offered by many popular secular and Christian home school curriculum publishers.

You can select the complete grade or just a few subjects, in most cases. Elective courses and foreign languages are also available.

Once your child is registered, select the homeschool curriculum and familiarize yourself with the program. Very little record keeping is required as most of the quizzes and tests are completed online too and scored for the student.

We tried this method for one grade in high school but it was not a great fit for us. The workload kept our daughter almost confined to her laptop the entire day and she preferred to interact with the rest of the family to a greater degree.

Hire a Tutor for Homeschool High School

Finally, another option for homeschool high school would be to hire a tutor to give your child the extra help needed to complete the high school level courses at home.

Many families can feel challenged by science and math which may have been done decades earlier by the parents. Rather than quitting because of a perceived or true inability to teach those courses, find another high school student, parent or a professional tutor to help.

Now that I have shared these four options, you know that it is possible to teach homeschool high school. The decision now is which method seems like the best choice for your family.

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