Using Math-U-See For Your Home School Math Curriculum

I was introduced to the Math-U-See home school math curriculum over a decade ago. It has been one that I have used extensively, almost "religiously" at times. I have even recommended it to friends when they wanted my suggestion on what to use for home school math with their children.

home school math curriculum

There are many options available when it comes to homeschool math curriculum so I wanted to be sure to carefully select a program that worked well.

I think I found just that when it comes to Math-U-See and it could be considered one of the best homeschool curriculum options for math.

So, why do I and countless others choose it as our program of choice for grades preschool through high school?

Facts at a Glance

Contact Info: Math-U-See Curriculum,

Type: Consumable Workbooks with DVDs, test booklets, and optional manipulatives

Grades Covered: Preschool through High School

Subjects Covered: General and Secondary Math

Pros of Homeschooling With MUS

  1. Christian- the material is presented from a Christian viewpoint by its author, Steve Demme, who pastors and is a highly sought after speaker at homeschool conventions
  2. Instructional- Steve Demme teaches you via the DVDS and detailed teacher's edition how to homeschool with his home school math curriculum so that your child understands why you do what you do rather than just accepting the usual "because the book says so"
  3. Manipulatives- there are math manipulatives that help youhome school math curriculumvisually explain place value, counting, fractions, and even algebra
  4. Word Problems- the program includes real-life word problems that become increasingly more complicated for your children
  5. Tests- placement tests help you start in the proper grade level plus review and cumulative tests help assess what your child is learning
  6. Online Resources- you can find a worksheet generator, drill pages, activity pages for most levels, and updates too

Our Schedule

Typically, we follow a teaching schedule similar to this:

First, we watch the DVD on our school TV/DVD player. Next, we work a few problems on our marker board. Then, they work a few problems alone before I release them to complete the entire page. Finally, they take the test after finishing all the practice pages.

The Math-U-See home school math curriculum is a great resource that clearly teaches math concepts to your child. Best of all, it also teaches YOU how to help them see the math principles and gain confidence and mastery!

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