Add Games to Your Homeschool Math Curriculum

Your homeschool math curriculum will definitely teach and review math facts and concepts. That is mainly why you researched and eventually purchased resources such as:

Games to Supplement Your Homeschool Math Curriculum

But, if you want or need to supplement your homeschool curriculum you can consider using something generally found in most homes …games.

Most families have the classic games such as Chess, Monopoly, and Mancala sitting around. But, more importantly, are you using them? Or, are you shelving them and preventing your children from using them?

I admit. Even though I knew how much fun they would have and how beneficial games are, I used to struggle with the sight of the "mess" and requisite clean-up after using our games. Mostly, I defaulted to an extra homeschool math worksheet if we needed more practice.

Now, we play games prior to lunch or dinner and food works as a terrific motivator to get everything put away so the meal can be served!

When you use games as an addition to your homeschool lessons, you are challenging your children in a non-threatening manner. They are excited to add, subtract, multiply, divide, or estimate, After all, they hope to come out on top as the winner of the game!

And, what a terrific example of free homeschool curriculum already in our possession!

Recently in our Household

While shopping at Dollar Tree, I noticed several wooden puzzles that I thought our children would enjoy. Then, I realized that they varied in the number of pieces and probably level of difficulty, too. So, I purchased four different puzzles and set them on my desk at home.

Some time later, I took them out and asked who would like to use the new puzzles? Everyone did!

We had a really fun time using geometry skills and calculating which pieces would fit back together. I also timed everyone and most wanted to keep "playing" so they could improve their time.

Just a Thought

Games are such fun to play and most of us have them in our homes. They provide academic and social benefit to children. As they practice math skills they also learn to share and have to get along with others.

I encourage you to use your homeschool math curriculum to the fullest. You already own it, so why not? Just be sure to look for games and similar activities to add to your homeschool lesson plans.

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