Free Homeschool Curriculum
Really Exists

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, free homeschool curriculum actually exists. What's more, it's becoming easier than ever to find freebies including downloadable home school worksheets that are just a click away.

Really, you say? Just keep reading and let me explain.

Some homeschool families are not challenged by the cost of homeschooling and choose to spend a great deal of money buying all their books and supplies from homeschool curriculum suppliers. Others are not in that boat and want to save money and obtain free home school books or materials.


Here are some other options to get free resources rather than buy new or used home school books for your family:

  1. Public Libraries which have millions of books and other items available FREE to their patrons.

    Recently during a visit to our local library I noticed that they carry copies of all the textbooks in use by our local public schools. A homeschool mom and her child could utilize those materials during the day when fewer visitors are at the library.

  2. Quality TV/cable/satellite shows could be another form of free homeschool curriculum for someone. With proper planning, PBS shows like National Geographic or the History Channel's, Drive Thru History, could become a history or home school science curriculum very easily. Of course, supplementary reading material (free at the library) and assignments would be needed.
  3. DVDs or rental movies can also be excellent forms of free homeschool curriculum. For example, you can develop a literature course of study with classic stories that have been made into movies.
  4. Internet resources are also out there for free homeschool resources. Many curriculum suppliers and education websites have free materials on their sites. There are also directories online of free curriculum.

    Project Gutenberg, who reports on their site that they were the first producer of free electronic books(ebooks), is another option.

    Also, complete homeschool curriculum materials are available at Ambleside Online and Mater Amabilis, a free, online, Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum.

  5. Another place to get free resources is listings in your area. I have posted extra books and supplies to our local list. Also, Used Curriculum Fairs often have free tables where sellers will gladly give things away rather than carry them back home.
  6. Lastly, E.D.Hirsch, Jr's Core Knowledge Series offers lots of educational information covering grades K-6. You can borrow these books at the library and provide a basic course of study to your children.

It is possible to educate your children from grades preschool through high school without the added expense of home school textbooks and teacher's materials. It takes some research and creativity on your part to locate all these great treasures but it can be done.

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