Free Preschool Curriculum

There are many great sources to find free preschool curriculum materials rather than purchasing them. Let me share a great resource we have discovered for our home school preschool program.

Okay, enough of the mystery because it is something you have definitely heard of before...It is called YouTube videos! That's right.

Since we have our grandson here with us and he is a most curious child, I just had to find something to entertain this twenty-one-month-old, only child. So, I turned to technology and it has been a huge success for us.

Create A Channel

I am no tech guru or Internet expert but I can share what I have done and how we use it. First, I set up my YouTube/Google account. Then, I searched for videos related to topics such as "alphabet," "counting," "early learning," "preschool," and others like it. I evaluated the videos and if I found them useful, I saved them to a playlist which I called "Early Learning."

Next, I set up the playlist to play all the videos and to continuously loop (repeat) the songs. Finally, I tried them out on our grandson and quickly saw which ones he loved and which videos were just okay for him.

Internet Resources

You can find numerous links to Internet sources that have free printables, activities, songs, and worksheets for your eager preschooler. There are secular and Christian-based websites available if that is what you are looking for.

Start with a Google search of key words that are closely related to the specific area you want to teach your child. Find them and give them to your child. Some possible terms could be:

Start with these ideas as you begin teaching your preschooler at home. It is very simple to set up a YouTube account and the sky is virtually the limit as far as possibilities goes!

If s/he becomes bored after awhile, simply delete the current videos and add new ones to the playlist. Enjoy!

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