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Thinking about homeschooling preschool? You don't have to look too hard to find free preschool curriculum to teach young learners in your home school preschool.

One of the age-appropriate math skills for a preschooler is the ability to recognize a penny, nickel, and dime. This can be quickly taught by using coins collected from around the house.

Below is one of my preschool activity ideas which uses materials you already have to create a fun preschool math activity.

So, locate as many pennies, nickels, and dimes as you think you will need and let's begin.

No Extra Preschool Materials Needed

→ First, I introduce each coin and allow him to see it, touch it, and notice the markings on both sides of the coins.

→ Next, I would talk about the value of each coin and explain greater than/less than and practice counting at this time.

→ Then, I ask questions to see whether he can identify that coin from all the others.

→ Finally, I would ask him to count out the coins needed to equal a certain value, such as eight cents or fourteen cents.

Consumerism or Not?

I have heard some parents speak against consumerism and completing homeschool lessons that encourage spending. Well, I can understand that opinion but also believe that we need to equip our children for the real world where buying and selling goes on.

When homeschooling preschool age children, I encourage them to count out their own money when they buy something in the store. I always thank the cashier for her patience and explain what we're doing which usually gets a very understanding response.

Preschool Activity Ideas

A free preschool curriculum idea I use to teach my son about money is to show him cards with numbers written on them and have him count out the exact amount from coins that are laid out on the table.

Another home school preschool lesson we enjoy when learning about pennies, nickels, and dimes is to get out his Piggy Bank and sort all of the coins by denominations. Then we see which one is the tallest if he stacks on top of each other or which group is the largest.

We also use the coin wrappers from the bank or a retail store like Wal-Mart to sort coins and place in wrappers to take to the bank. After we exchange them for dollars we buy a special treat at Cold Stone or another fun place.

Eventually, we will include other coins, dollar bills, checks, and debit/credit cards as part of our homeschool preschool curriculum.

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