Is Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Really Necessary?

Many families choose a formal homeschool preschool curriculum rather than use self-made materials with their small children for preschool homeschool curriculum.

But, is it necessary that you go that route when you start homeschooling your child?

There are numerous homeschool preschool curriculum options available. A few are listed below:

  1. Christ Centered Curriculum
  2. ABeka Homeschool
  3. Bob Jones University Press
  4. Sing Spell Read N’ Write
  5. Hooked on Phonics/Math

What They Offer

Clearly, the greatest benefit is that you are getting a "pulled together" package that provides all the basics. The resource will usually include activities, games, and songs. Some will even have extras like recipes or field trip ideas.

Several of these complete homeschool curriculum programs focus on one letter per day. They offer suggestions on how to teach your child to write each letter and also learn its sound. Also, age-appropriate book lists can be included to enhance your time with your child at the library.

Their goal is to give you everything necessary to succeed at teaching your child during this stage of his life.

Reasons You Might Not Want to Use a Complete Program

If someone else is doing all the work for you then it probably comes with a cost. And, sometimes that cost of homeschooling even a young learner can be steep! Some might even say too steep considering the age of the child.

Well, how does slightly less than three hundred dollars sound to you? That is the higher end of the prices of some of these programs.

Another argument is that the work included in some home preschool programs can be too time consuming for the child and parent. Some require tremendous parental preparation and others demand so much time that the child’s valuable free time is threatened!

Also, there is the thought that you just might want to develop your own program and teach your preschooler using that method.

Become a Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Designer

First, you will have to decide exactly what you plan to teach your child. If it will be solely the basics, start by writing that down. For example, you could write Phonics/Reading, Math, Science, and History, across the top of a sheet of paper.

Or, if computer savvy, here is a chance to create an Excel sheet or table in Word to develop your homeschool preschool curriculum.

Next, create an overview of what you plan to teach your child during the upcoming school year. Plan to use homeschool lesson plans during the year to give you guidance. There are great tools online to assist you such as Worldbook's Typical Course of Study.

In addition to the basics, there will be other subjects to consider such as Bible, Handwriting, Character Skills, and more. Use your own judgment and be flexible but don’t go overboard. Remember, it’s just preschool that you’re teaching at this time.

Then, design your schedule of daily lessons and homeschool activities for your child. Be sure to include plenty of time for snacks, naps, playtime, and my favorite, "cuddle time" with your child as you read him/her a fantastic book.

You will continue to reap the benefits from this time spent with your child for many years. Plus, it’s likely that he develops his love for reading while enjoying great stories now.

Lastly, decide whether to purchase the necessary homeschool materials or borrow them from the public library. Now, the only thing left to do is get started on this exciting road of exploration and learning for your child…and you!

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