Preschool Activity Ideas

Some of my favorite preschool activity ideas are those that are simple to make and require few items and little preparation. I also prefer home school preschool projects that are open-ended so my young learners can be as creative as possible with them.

Preschool Materials Required

  • Large piece of felt
  • Additional pieces of colored felt
  • Inexpensive accessories like buttons, yarn hair, and googly or wiggly eyes
  • Markers
  • Other props and items

Create a Free Preschool Activity

Start by tracing an outline of a little boy or girl onto the large piece of felt. If you are unable to draw the outline yourself, you could print a figure from the Internet and have it enlarged at an office supply store like Office Depot or Office Max.

Attach the felt "child" to a piece of foam board or a thin piece of wood for extra durability.

Use the other pieces of colored felt as fabric to create features like a nose, mouth, ears, etc. to add character to the person.

Also, add other items so that your preschooler can continue to play with and develop the playtime on his own. Encourage him by asking questions like, "Where are his ears?" "Does he wear a hat?"

Extend the conversation even more by asking questions like, "What types of things would the little person do if he had legs?" You get the idea, I'm sure.


Draw your "person" on a marker board with a permanent marker and then the child could draw different parts of the face or items of clothing on the picture.

Get a large sheet of metal and place magnetic strips on the back of accessories to add facial features or articles of clothing to your "person."

Preschool activity ideas do not need to cost a lot of money or be as sophisticated as many homeschool preschool curriculum suggestions. The most important aspect is that it allows your preschooler to be stimulated in some way to explore and learn more than they knew before.

I think everyone can attest to how much fun preschoolers and older children have with an empty box. Playing in a big box is just one of those free preschool activities that everyone can get involved in.

The bigger the box the more fun they have, too. And, it is extra special when they have multiple boxes or other siblings to run around and jump into the boxes with as well.

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