Saxon Math Homeschool

I discovered the Saxon Math Homeschool program when looking for fourth and fifth grades resources for our children. This was prior to the publication of their current K-3 math materials.

Everyone has probably heard of them and seen their resources at new and used home school curriculum fairs. Their books hold a lot of value and their used homeschool books resell quickly at fairs.

Saxon Math is recommended by Sonlight Curriculum, The Robinson Curriculum publishers, and others. It continues to be highly sought after by individual homeschoolers and is regularly used in homeschool co-op and tutorial programs.

Facts at a Glance

Contact Info: Saxon Math Homeschool,

Type: Secular, Traditional math resources utilizing an incremental approach; K-3 books offer manipulative practice

Grades Covered: Kindergarten through High School

Subjects Covered: Primarily Math resources


Saxon offers numerous features that appeal to homeschoolers, as well as many public and private schools...

  • they offer a free placement test so your child is matched with the appropriate level textbook
  • saxon math homeschool

  • they provide intensive drill and repetition for each chapter to attain accuracy and mastery
  • they utilize a system that progressively increases in difficulty and constantly reviews previous material
  • they are suitable for use with D.I.V.E. (Digital Interactive Video Education) cds which provide supplemental, video instruction for each lesson
  • it is easily adaptable for all types of learners
  • they now offer the Saxon Teacher cds which demonstrate each lesson


A definite drawback to Saxon for homeschoolers is the amount of practice problems found for each lesson. You may have to determine just how much practice is necessary for your child to learn a concept.

When our children could demonstrate that they understood the material after completing fewer examples, I did not feel the need to have them solve all the assigned problems which was a huge relief to them. If additional review was ever needed we still had several unfinished problems on the page to pull from.

Our Experience

When using Saxon54, 65, and 76, I have required our children to complete the speed drills along with the lesson. Typically, we do the board work orally but do the practice problems on a dry erase board or in their math notebooks.

The Saxon math homeschool program has worked well for our family. Our children get so much from their home school math textbooks that they often choose to skip over the Saxon Teacher CD-ROM we purchased for them.

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