The Home School vs Public School Debate

Whenever these terms home school vs public school are mentioned in the same sentence, you can definitely expect some heated comments to come afterwards. They are generally viewed as polar opposites and are regularly disputed over.

Most people passionately view one or the other
as the best form of education for a child.

So, let's take a candid look at the pros of homeschooling and see how it compares to traditional, public school.

I must inform you that I am a home educator and my children have always been schooled at home. However, I worked as an elementary school educator for five years before retiring to teach at home. I also attended public school during my childhood.

Home School vs Public School Education

Home Education Public Education
Parent-teachers select homeschool curriculum Resources are mandated by state or individual school districts
Children receive personalized instruction for their learning styles Students use the prescribed materials
Small class size and teacher-student ratio Class size determined by state and possible budget cuts
Freedom to include God in everything Separation of church and state excludes God from instruction
Freedom to teach from YOUR worldview Students are prematurely exposed to inappropriate subject matters
Parents remain the adult role model for children Students are introduced to various adults and you have to hope for the best
Quality social interaction with adults and children Social interaction primarily with own peer group
Children can be stimulated academically and given the freedom to pursue other interests Students must remain with class performance unless teacher is able to provide more challenging work
As the parent YOU have their best spiritual, academic, and emotional well-being in mind Educators are assigned a class for thirty-six weeks and will never know students to the same depth as their parents

There are numerous other homeschooling benefits such as the fact that less time is required for academic instruction each day. Our school program requires a minimum of four hours for homeschooled students within their "umbrella program."

This allows for greater freedom to engage in other activities or interests which is commonly done after the four hours of instructional time.

Also, families are able to enjoy more time together including the ability to take vacations during off-peak seasons when prices are lower.

You might find some of these pages helpful:

Please realize that I am not a "public-school basher" just someone who appreciates the freedom to educate our children according to our values. I believe in the parent's ability to teach their own children and will continue to exercise this right as long as God allows.

I do not disapprove of those who do not choose to home educate. It is only my intention to show some of the facts when we look at home school vs public school education.

I know several families who have never homeschooled and their children are just fine. Remember, I told you earlier that I attended public school, even if that was decades ago!

If I have offended anyone or incorrectly stated any information, please accept my apologies because that was not my intention.

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