Some Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Learn some of the pros and cons of homeschooling before you get started. I really didn't want to write anything negative because I felt the "nay-sayers" already work so diligently to speak out against home education.

However, I wanted to share a full picture of what you might expect. I have experienced most of these so I will give suggestions to overcome any of the cons associated with home education because the homeschooling advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of homeschooling.

The Good

  • The parent can have the final decision concerning the spiritual and academic education of their children
  • Schoolwork takes less time to be completed so other interests can be pursued
  • Child is not surrounded by a companion of peers and the prevailing social ills of drugs, premarital sex, gangs, and more
  • Family time is not interrupted by trying to get children out the house and on the bus to different schools
  • Relatively small class size and daily one-on-one instructional time

The Bad

  • Cost of curriculum and supplies - or, you could view it as making an investment into your child's future
  • Work overload from having your children with you all day - or, wisely schedule some time alone with your spouse and friends
  • Outside influences who constantly attack your decision to home school - or, do as I do and prepare your short, sweet and sometimes "sassy" remarks about the benefits of homeschooling
  • Parent, usually the mom, may have to forfeit or postpone career plans - or, be creative with work schedules or start your own business from home
  • Parent-teacher must challenge children in all subject areas and not just your favorite subjects - or, you could hire a tutor or add enrichment courses or enroll in a tutorial

It is my desire that reading these pros and cons of homeschooling might help you decide what is best for your family. Remember, that many sources, online and off-line, exist to provide additional help if you need it. Be sure to utilize them. Much success to you!

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A Tiny Consequence  Not rated yet
Our family homeschools and we probably run our utilities more than the average family because we stay home a lot. But, it doesn't really matter to us since …

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