Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum

The Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum offers something for all types of homeschoolers. Their resources extend across all ages offering resources for preschool through high school grades.

Whether you are looking for an online homeschool curriculum, still wondering how to start homeschooling or somewhere else along your educational journey, they "have you covered."

Keep reading to find out more when I share MY experience with Bob Jones high school.

Benefits of Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum

  • Traditional homeschooling course of study - they offer colorful student texts, workbooks, and detailed teacher's materials

  • JourneyForth, ShowForth, and SoundForth resources - their reading, video, and home school music programs

  • Distance Learning - combination of traditional books and DVD, hard drive or online streaming option for students

  • Testing services - academic testing and preparation materials available for individual families, churches or home school groups

  • Cutting-edge technology - they update their materials often and even have several Kindle titles available!!!

Disadvantages of Bob Jones Homeschooling

I have used their homeschool science curriculum, home school reading programs, and even their high school courses online for many years. However, there are a few things I did not enjoy about their homeschooling program.

Although their Teacher's Editions are very descriptive and provide lots of helpful and supplemental information, they are quite expensive! You have to purchase one for each subject. If you have multiple students using their program, that cost of homeschooling quickly adds up.

In a few instances, you don't actually need the teacher's edition and can "get by" with just the student resource but that becomes less of an option as they move up in grades.

Facts at a Glance

Contact Info: Bob Jones University Press,

Type: Christian, Traditional Workbooks

Grades Covered: Preschool through High School

Subjects Covered: Core + Electives

Our Experience With the Bob Jones Program

We used their distance learning program for online high school and I was surprised by the amount of student material that still had to be printed even though we purchased the optional student texts.

Since we have an inkjet printer our daughter needed her own case of paper and lots of ink to get through the year.

Sadly, after the huge investment into that program, she asked not to do the Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum the following year. Her impression was that it was too time consuming, compared to other home school programs we used.

She opted to continue with Bob Jones but did not want to use the distance learning program. She prefers to work at her own pace and really did not enjoy the "simulated" classroom experience created by watching the previously recorded versions of the former HomeSat division of Bob Jones University Press Homeschool.

I also think the aspect of working alone at the computer for long periods was not desirable for a social child such as herself.

We just chalked that year up to another experience gained!

Bob Jones homeschooling has some really terrific points such as its strong academics, Christian viewpoint, and extensive selection of curriculum choices and formats. However, consider all aspects of this program to make sure it works best for your family.

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