Online Christian Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Online Christian homeschool curriculum is available from several major publishers, such as ABeka homeschool, Alpha Omega publications, and Bob Jones University homeschool curriculum. There are many similarities between them but when I recently had to choose one for our tenth grade daughter, I found Bob Jones to be more suitable for our family.

Factors I Looked At

  • ease of use
  • teacher access via email
  • cost and payment options
  • course substitutions
  • all resources included in price

Available Options

  • Hard drive – includes a year’s worth of lessons installed on a USB compatible device
  • DVD – lease discs with the required lessons from the company
  • Online – streaming video content, online tests, and quizzes via a high-speed Internet connection

After a careful consideration, their online access was the preferred choice for our daughter. It met all of my criteria and in addition to her core subjects of Math, History, Science, and English, it included Bible and Foreign Language selections. It was customizable with up to two courses and gave her a foreign language choice of French or Spanish.

After signing up for the program, you receive a welcome email with your online access within forty-eight hours. The student books and other resources will be shipped later. You have eighteen months to fulfill the online home school courses. The lessons are geared toward the student and your child will feel like a participant in the virtual classroom.

Our decision to go with Bob Jones for our online Christian home school curriculum has been a good one. It is not "brand-new" and still developing like Alpha Omega’s Monarch program. Nor, is it "aged" like some of Abeka’s resources which are © 1997. Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum was the best homeschool curriculum choice!

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