My High School Homeschool
Curriculum Choices

Many well-known home school publishers also offer high school homeschool curriculum. Expect to see some familiar names such as Bob Jones and Abeka homeschool curriculum as you continue teaching your children in the upper grades.

I have already graduated five daughters from home school high school and the next child will graduate in May 2015. At this stage, your role becomes more of a supervisory one rather than how it previously was when you first started homeschooling.

Most publishers seem to understand this transition of the students in the upper grades to becoming more independent learners. As a result, most of their coursework may be written directly to them and they are expected to research answers if needed.

Since I have done this for several years now, let me share some of the homeschool resources that have worked well with our children in the upper grades...

  • Abeka Literature series has provided great exposure to the classics and other quality writing selections for our daughters. Their materials also include provocative comprehension questions and essay suggestions.
  • Apologia Science is a wonderful example of a curriculum that is geared toward and written to the students. Their materials were suitable for our independent studies and didn't require supplemental materials other than their companion cd which was helpful.
  • Christian Liberty Press' two-volume set of history texts, Streams of Civilization I and II, has been a standard in our home. These hardcover editions cover creation to modern times and include maps and timelines.
  • Rosetta Stone-Spanish Language, has been one of our foreign language options for the upper grades. I have used others but this was a user-friendly resource and came highly recommended.
  • Daily Grams continues as a family favorite even into the upper years. Their small amount of grammar review and writing is just enough for the older children who are proficient writers by now. They willingly complete the exercises. Click here to read a homeschool curriculum review.

Additional High School Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Some other high school homeschool curriculum texts used in our home include Math-U-See Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Our children are able to watch a DVD, complete practice and review pages, and take a test with relatively little assistance.

Driver's Education is taught by my husband, Wayne. So far, two daughters have already gotten their licenses and thankfully have never had any accidents. Currently, he is simultaneously teaching the next two which has been a slightly different experience for him.

Daily Bible reading is required and our children are encouraged to visit Sam Soleyn's website to read and download some of his teachings.

At this stage in their educational development, children, especially those approaching adulthood, really want and need to work independently. They also want to start making decisions and are quite capable of informing you of whether or not they enjoy a particular book.

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