Summer Homeschool

You can decide to formally teach summer homeschool using traditional homeschool curriculum resources such as Abeka, Bob Jones, Math-U-See or one of the other popular names. 

Additionally, unit studies which are more activity and project based, can be perfectly suited for this time of year which lends itself to more sensory and exploratory learning.

Or, you may prefer to take advantage of this "free time" to explore other subjects, interests, and activities with your children that you were unable to complete during their regular school year.

Pros and Cons of Summer Homeschool

There are definite pros and cons of using the traditional summer vacation period for homeschool review instead of suspending your homeschool lessons and picking them up again in the fall.

Let's look at a few here...

Advantages - You can continue to instruct your child using your curriculum and complete extra units or grades. Some home school resources offer supplementary practice problems or activities which could be easily used for digging deeper into topics.

You can introduce additional subjects or provide remedial work, if necessary. Also, you can spend concentrated time on a tough subject like Algebra2 or Chemistry with a child prior to studying it in the regular school year.

Your child can experience the satisfaction of having completed another course or possibly an entire grade during the summer.

Our umbrella school requires fifty-five days of instruction to earn credits for summer school courses, which is very manageable for most families.

Disadvantages - Mainly, that YOU, the parent-teacher will not have a vacation when most other parents are taking time off from teaching their children.

Your children may also resent doing school while all of their friends are free from school and can spend most of their time outdoors playing games and swimming.

Lastly, you may have to purchase additional homeschool curriculum such as Abeka, Bob Jones, or Math-U-See, to complete studies, as mentioned above.

Other Options

So, what can you do if year-round schooling does not seem like the best choice for you and your family?

Some families choose a different option such as encouraging their children to pursue high school summer jobs so they can gain valuable experience and earn some cash.

Others will arrange quality high school summer internships for their children to help develop a more impressive transcript for prospective college admissions officers.

Although summer homeschool may not be how your child hopes to spend the months of June through August, it can be helpful in certain instances. Be creative and remember more enjoyable courses such as photography or physical education, too, such as swimming at the local YMCA!

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