Preschool Theme Ideas
for Home School

Learn preschool theme ideas for teaching the alphabet, numbers, colors, and many more, in your preschool homeschool program. Use this free, alphabetical resource created for home schoolers, day care providers, parents, and teachers of young learners, to get you thinking about the many preschool theme ideas with suggested activities for preschool-age children.

These can be completed as daily, weekly or monthly units of study depending on the interest of your children. Prepare your preschool materials ahead of time when homeschooling preschool.

Most of these suggested topics are suitable for a variety of activities such as singing songs, playing games, making foods, completing printable sheets, and reading books.

Many of these preschool theme ideas will also work well with arts and crafts projects, outdoor play, inside circle games, sand or water play, and puzzles, too.

A Sample Activity

If studying about water, for example, some possible pre-school activities might include:

  • Read a Magic Schoolbus book about water
  • Watch a science video from Moody about the power of water
  • See what happens when we freeze water in the kitchen
  • Fill a pool and play outside in the water
  • Talk about how our bodies and our pets need water
  • Complete a worksheet showing the cycle of water
  • Listen to a YouTube rap about water, from here:

Create Your Own Activity for a Preschool Theme Idea

Let your imagination soar as you develop your own creative, home school preschool activities and games to stimulate your young learners about basic subjects like math, science, Bible, reading, themselves, and the world in which we live.

I will be adding more preschool theme ideas so check back often.

Alphabetical List of Preschool Theme Ideas

  • 100th Day of School – Teach the number one hundred. Practice counting objects, work with the One Hundred Chart, and practice writing numbers up to one hundred.
  • All About Me – Teach everything there is to know about themselves such as their address, name, age, parents, pets, friends, food, and toys.
  • Alphabet – Teach the alphabet, trace letters, form letters with Play Dough, cut letters from magazines, and sing an ABC song.
  • Animals Visit a zoo, watch animal movies such as Madagascar or The Lion King, complete animal coloring pages or play matching game with flashcard.
  • Authors – Read books written by favorite authors like Eric Carle and Dr. Seuss.
  • Beaches – Look at pictures of different beaches, make dioramas with beach scenes using sand and small toys.
  • Bible, The – Read and discuss well-known Bible stories, watch Bible movies, dress as favorite Bible characters, and let them retell stories using figures attached to craft sticks.
  • Body Parts – Teach the names of body parts, sing songs, and play games like "Simon Says," where they have to tap their head, shoulders, or knees.
  • Book Characters – Study favorite book characters like Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, and Curious George. Don't forget some newer ones like Dora the Explorer and Disney characters, too.
  • Colors­ - Teach the color names and the colors of the rainbow with the acronym "ROYBGIV," which stands for the color red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, and violet. Play active games where they must locate a household item that is the color you name.
  • Community Helpers­ – Learn about the helpers in the community such as firemen, police men, postal workers, doctors, and more. Visit these local places and take pictures to discuss with them afterwards.
  • Desert, The – Learn how the desert differs from where you live. Show pictures of plants and animals that can live there. Find a desert on the globe.
  • Earth Day – Talk about the importance of caring for the planet and ways to do that. Look at pictures of areas that have not been well cared for such as polluted waters and how that affects the fish.
  • Family – Name the people in your family including extended relatives and how they are connected to the family.
  • Foods – Introduce foods that have tastes like salty or sweet. Prepare some new meals that are from other places and ask whether they enjoy the different tastes.
  • Friends – Talk about how friends are different from children you meet at the park. Teach that it takes time to become friends with a person.
  • Geography - Introduce cities, states, and countries. Learn to read maps, and directions like north, south, east, and west. Learn the state capitals with songs.
  • HealthTalk about dental health, personal health, and feelings.
  • Holidays Teach the major holidays and talk about different ways to celebrate. Teach that other countries celebrate different holidays than the ones we celebrate.
  • Home – Name the rooms and furniture in the home. Explain how a family lives together in a home unless other conditions arise such as divorce, college or marriage.
  • Jungles – Locate areas of the world where there are jungles. What animals live there. Watch movies that show jungles.
  • Manners & Character – Read the Berenstain Bears' book on manners and role play about what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior in given situations.
  • Money – Explain why we use money, how it is made, and teach counting. Explain the value of the different denominations so they know a dime has more value than a nickel, for example.
  • Music – Make music, listen to music, and watch a symphony or musical performance.
  • Numbers & Counting – Identify the numbers 0-9, count small household items, and teach how every number has a place, ones, tens, hundreds, etc. Take this as far as they are capable of handling at this time.
  • Nursery Rhymes – Read nursery rhymes in books, listen to songs, and do the finger plays and actions that go along with many of these.
  • Olympics – Talk about the origin of these games and watch footage of past Olympic games.
  • Pajamas – Have a Pajama Day of homeschool. Read stories about pajamas.
  • Pets – Learn what types of animals make good pets and how to take care of pets.
  • Rainforests – Discover where rainforests are located on a map. Watch video of a rainforest.
  • Recycling – Talk about what recycling is and the reasons your city may require you to recycle. If not doing so already, get three small pails and label newspapers, glass or cans and take to a local recycling center.
  • Seasons – Talk about the four seasons and the kinds of weather that occurs during the seasons. Talk about the proper clothing to wear during each season.
  • Senses – Teach about the five senses and what happens if a person lacks sight or hearing.
  • Shapes – Teach the basic shapes, draw shapes, and make figures using pattern blocks.
  • Space – Teach about our solar system. Watch the night sky or take a trip to a planetarium.
  • Sports – Teach about some national sports like baseball, football, and basketball. Try to have them match the right equipment with each sport.
  • Taking Care of Myself – Learning to tie a shoe, button/unbutton clothes, and get dressed in their pajamas.
  • Transportation – Learn names of common ways of traveling like cars, trucks, trains, airplanes or boats. Explain that trains and trucks also carry much of our foods to the stores.
  • Water – Explain where water comes from and talk about ways to conserve water.
  • Weather – Discuss the kind of weather in your area. Watch a weather report with your child/ren and point out the weather in other areas such as where grandparents or friends live.
  • Zoo – Take a trip to a zoo to learn about the animals.

This concise list of preschool theme ideas is just to give you an idea of the many topics that are suitable for home school preschool.

Please consider sharing some of YOUR preschool theme ideas on the Contact Me page.

Try to teach subjects using as many senses as possible. So, be sure to touch, taste, look, listen, and smell, when appropriate, while teaching these topics!

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