Your Homeschool Math Curriculum Guide

Use this homeschool math curriculum guide to help you sort through some of the many homeschool curriculum options for math. The majority of these can be viewed in greater detail at their respective web sites or current homeschool supercenter catalog, such as Christian Book Distributors(CBD).

Ten Homeschool Math Resources

There are Christian, secular, and online home school curriculums for math such as:

  • Abeka homeschool curriculum - an academically challenging, Christian resource that uses Scriptural and patriotic references, and provides a solid foundation of basic skills; also has video courses
  • ACE homeschool curriculum - a Christian resource from School of Tomorrow that is quite achievable for most students who use their twelve, individual booklets called PACEs, which are determined after placement testing
  • Alpha Omega curriculum - a Christian resource similar in size to the PACEs that introduces one concept at a time until mastery is achieved and proven through unit tests
  • Bob Jones homeschool curriculum – this Christian curriculum provides materials for grades kindergarten through twelve, and also has online and dvd options
  • Christ Centered Publications – this pre-K through 1st/2nd grade math curriculum teaches Scriptural values through math concepts that are taught and built upon in their workbooks, math flashcards, and lesson guides

  • Horizon's Math - is an elementary math program from Alpha Omega that follows a teach-review-test approach within its two, colorful student workbooks, which our youngest son uses and thoroughly enjoys
  • Math-U-See - a very popular resource among many of my home schooling friends, is a manipulative-based program that strongly focuses on one predominant skill, such as addition in the Alpha Book, but it also reviews concepts previously taught in earlier books
  • Modern Curriculum Press - these workbooks are designed to prepare students for success on standardized tests and are used by students in many public schools and even some home schools
  • Saxon Math Homeschool - this program has a student workbook, teacher's edition, test book/answer key, and optional Saxon Teacher DVD which covers grades kindergarten through twelve and is suitable for advanced students and those needing remedial help
  • Singapore Math - which is recommended in the Sonlight Curriculum catalog is gaining popularity among homeschoolers, offers a placement test, and publishes multiple versions of their curriculum

Homeschool Math Curriculum Guide

The objective of this homeschool math curriculum guide has been to show some familiar examples of various home school math options. I hope that you will research these programs that I have mentioned here more fully and try to find the best homeschool curriculum for your family.

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