ACE Homeschool Curriculum

Accelerated Christian Education or ACE homeschool curriculum is a well-known Christian, home school curriculum that offers independent style learning to children in grades kindergarten through twelve. This homeschool program uses consumable worktexts called PACEs, student tests, and answer keys.

Facts at a Glance

Contact Info: ACE,

Type: Christian, Self-Instructional Worktexts

Grades Covered: K-3 through High School

Subjects Covered: Core + Electives


  • Small, achievable amounts of work
  • Unit tests to determine child’s progress
  • Initial, diagnostic placement testing
  • Emphasizes a Godly character throughout
  • Multimedia components to aid in learning

The PACEs work very well when there are numerous children or grades being taught. Each child is able to work at his or her own level, receive minimal tutoring from the parent-teacher, and can take the assessment test upon completion of unit.

These small, bite-size work texts are not overwhelming to children and an immediate sense of accomplishment can be felt. On average, the PACE requires two to three weeks to complete, depending on the subject and child.

Homeschool record keeping is very easily accomplished with this homeschool curriculum. The parent removes the test from the PACE prior to assigning it to the child and the parent checks it when finished. The scores are recorded on a form provided with the program.


The ACE curriculum is quite achievable for most children but does not offer the academically challenging material that many homeschoolers are seeking. A children may even be able to complete the unit test without studying the material.

This homeschool curriculum may not be the best home school curriculum for every family but it certainly is a good fit especially if the cost of home schooling is a concern or you are getting ready to start homeschooling.

This self-instructional, Christian resource is affordable and it can be easily accomplished by most students.

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