Great Sources of Homeschool Encouragement

When you need homeschool encouragement (and that time WILL come) the sources may be closer than you would have suspected. Generally, the people who are closest to you can be of great help when you need them.

Whether you are getting ready to start homeschooling or an experienced educator, there comes a time when you desire homeschool encouragement and just need to hear those special words that remind you of the reasons you are doing what you're doing .

Reasons to Seek Inspiration

  • burnout
  • despair
  • fear
  • hopelessness
  • lack of support from loved ones
  • feelings of inadequacy

Seek Wisdom from Above

As a Christian, I look to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as the Source for all of my needs. Believe it or not, but He will often have something to say to you or inspire you with, as you seek to school your children.

Turn to Your Spouse

Do not disregard your spouse as a candidate who can encourage and inspire you to continue home schooling your children. I learned that even though I was the educator in our home, God often used my husband, Wayne, to show me a different course and generally one that was better than what I was pursuing.

Although I teach our children on a daily basis, Wayne knows me and my strengths and abilities and often sees how to accomplish my goal with less effort. Consequently, he helps reduce any possible stress and thus, I am encouraged!

Home School Support Groups

Home school support groups are generally comprised of home schooling families in your area. Search for a group that shares your religious convictions, teaching styles, and has children close in age to yours, if possible.

The time spent with these other moms can be invaluable to you when you need encouragement and homeschool information. I still maintain friendships with several great ladies I met through a support group in Vista, CA, for several years.

Books, Friends, and Fairs

There are many terrific homeschool resources that can inspire and reassure you as you educate at home. Two of my favorites are Never Too Early and The Way Home.

Knowledgeable friends and sympathetic relatives may also be instrumental in strengthening you when you need help. Of course, do not confide in those who have always opposed your decision to home school or risk hearing them say, "I told you so."

Homeschool Fairs can often have motivational speakers that can really address your concerns. If you attend such a conference or workshop and hear a great message, purchase the audio so you can listen to it again later.

Some popular sayings include, "No man is an island" and "It takes a village to raise a child." But, I like the Scripture found in Ecclesiastes that says, "Two are better than one;...and a threefold cord is not quickly broken."

So, when that time comes that you require some level of homeschool encouragement, just look around for the person or persons who might have just the words for you to be inspired to continue in this most admirable and selfless act of love toward your children.

Remember, sometimes we don't receive because we don't ask for what we need.

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