Online Homeschool Courses

Did you ever think about using online homeschool courses to supplement or fulfill your homeschool lessons? Online home school education is becoming more common and it can be done pretty easily too.

One of the many pros of homeschooling is the freedom to explore various forms of instructional methods. Choosing to use online homeschool courses is as simple as researching the materials in a current home school curriculum catalog or online, making your final decision, and submitting the payment.

Online Homeschool Curriculum

Some of the types of students who are best suited for online homeschool curriculum include:

  • those who are motivated and are not easily distracted
  • those who are comfortable with working alone for lengthy periods of time without interaction from others
  • those who possess good research and computer skills
  • those who might benefit from being instructed by a person other than the mom or dad in the family

My best friend used the Abeka DVD homeschool program for several years but recently switched to their online Christian homeschool curriculum. It has the exact content as found on the multiple DVD shipments but it is simpler to use and definitely more portable.

It is less frustrating since there is no longer the hassle of sending back the DVDs and having to keep up with them in the house. You can also access the online video streaming anywhere there is a high speed Internet connection.

This accessibility has worked well for her since one of her students participates in a competitive sports team and spends hours away from home for practice and travel.

High School Home Study

Actually, it was after seeing her children use the Abeka homeschool program that I initially looked into online homeschool courses, too. However, I chose the Bob Jones homeschool curriculum distance learning option which is very similar to Abeka.

Our experience with the Bob Jones high school courses online was very good, at first. I enjoyed the freedom it allowed me as I was not fully responsible for scheduling her high school home study assignments and grading her tests and homeschool lessons.

Actually, I think it worked too well and kept her in almost a solitary confinement which added to her dissatisfaction with the program. She absolutely did not enjoy the long hours she spent separated from the rest of the family.

In hindsight, perhaps I should have just used Bob Jones or even Abeka homeschool curriculum for one or two courses at first to see if she enjoyed that style of learning. Then, there would not have been such a huge outlay of money towards something she quickly lost interest in.

A Few Online Programs

I have already mentioned the Abeka and Bob Jones online homeschool programs. But, those are just two examples of traditional, Christian online programs.

Some others include Alpha Omega's Monarch program and the widely publicized K-12 program whose site claims that it is America's largest provider of online education for grades K-12.

Make it your business to thoroughly research whichever program you choose. Also, determine how much of the program your child will enjoy and maybe consider starting with one subject or two, at first.

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