Saxon Home School Program

Learn about the Saxon home school program for math which has been used and loved by homeschooling families for their home school math curriculum for many years. It offers challenging student materials and helpful parent-teacher aids making it very easy for students and parent-teachers to use their program.

This educational program has been around for several years. Pioneered by John Saxon, it uses a spiral approach of teach-practice-review-assess to ensure that the students fully grasp concepts before moving on.


Their homeschool math program consists of student and teacher resources. Student materials include a student text and optional, although very helpful solutions manual. Parent-teacher resources include a home school packet, drill sheets, and test forms booklet. It can be helpful to have an extra copy of the student text when teaching the lesson but it is not required.

There is an optional Saxon Teacher CD-ROM which gives instruction on how to teach the lessons which is great at the high school levels. It is not a resource designed for the children to use alone although it can be used that way.

Saxon Lessons in our Home

When our math books arrive, I assign one complete lesson per day to each child. I am currently teaching three levels of Saxon in our homeschool. I work with each one separately to get them started and they are required to keep up that pace and check their answers.

First, I review the previous day's Problem Set answers and work any problems that were difficult for them. Next, I teach the new lesson and point out any tips, formulas or helps that need to be copied into their math notebooks to study later. Then, we work practice problems together on individual marker boards and prepare for the day's Problem Set problems. Finally, they complete the daily problems, check their answers, and make any corrections.

We review previous lessons and then test according to Saxon's prescribed test schedule. The supplemental drill sheets are great for review and building speed in specific areas.

In addition to the Saxon Teacher CD, there is also a wonderful resource published by the Digital Interactive Video Education (D.I.V.E.) which teaches every lesson and correlates perfectly with each level.

We have used both CD programs but the D.I.V.E. is the only one designed to be used by the student. It is written to the student and allows him/her to pause and restart the CD as he follows along with his text.

Great Features

The Saxon home school program for math will challenge your children and prepare them for high level math. It is a very user-friendly curriculum that allows you to teach math from kindergarten through high school levels, such as Calculus and Advanced Math, too.

Although this is a secular resource I have never found anything offensive within their books. I think you would agree that it can be an easy program to use and the type that teaches your child/ren all he needs for a specific grade level.

I have used their math levels 54 through Algebra 2 and expect to stick with them for a lot longer.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" really does apply in this situation.

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