A Free Homeschool Music Curriculum Option

Choosing the right homeschool music curriculum from the many available publishers can be a tough decision. There are numerous options and it becomes even harder when you are unsure of what type of music lessons to teach your child.

We all want our children to excel in home school music as much as traditionally educated children, right? But, we can't be expected to possess knowledge about every basic subject PLUS electives, like music and art, though.

Who has not seen those images of the perfectly clad, homeschooling family on the cover of some homeschool magazine with every child holding an instrument? Does that image represent your family or any of the other homeschooling families you know?

Just how do they do that? More importantly, how do they afford those lessons in addition to the other costs of homeschooling?

Our family has been fortunate enough to discover a low-cost, homeschool curriculum option that provides instruction and performance opportunities for many homeschooling families in the area. But, you would have to be in the middle Tennessee area to enjoy this privilege!

However, how does FREE, homeschool curriculum for music, sound to you? That’s right. FREE!

If you are looking for a quality program that offers homeschool curriculum online, I have found such a program at www.play-acoustic-guitar.com.

A Look at the Program

This program offers everything that the typical family with a child interested in the guitar would need. It offers so much and everything is free. It has…

  • free music printables
  • free chord charts
  • reviews of guitars
  • helpful tips on choosing the proper size instrument
  • videos
  • and more

Whether you are looking for guitar instruction for a homeschool kindergarten child or a home school high school student, this site covers it all.

Take a look at her site for yourself and see the terrific resources. She even tells you the best, inexpensive acoustic guitar to use for your home school music program!

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