Get Started with the ACE Home School Curriculum

The School of Tomorrow has added the ACE home school curriculum to the numerous types of curriculum options available for homeschoolers. Their program consists of small, units of instructional material referred to as "Paces" rather than typical hardcover, homeschool textbooks.

One of the pros of homeschooling is the freedom, in most cases, to choose how to start homeschooling and the materials you will use. Many families enjoy the ease of use found with the ACE curriculum. This Christian resource is a complete homeschool curriculum covering grades kindergarten through high school.

Recently, a preschool component was introduced with their "Preschool with Ace and Christi" program which teaches the alphabet and reading by using songs and activities.

Getting Started with ACE Homeschool Curriculum

They make your job easier by offering diagnostic placement tests so you can place your child exactly where he needs to be in their program. After the test, you purchase the Paces that your child needs for each subject area.

They offer homeschool curriculum covering the core subjects of Bible, Math, English, Science, and History. Several electives are also available such as foreign languages and state history, for example.

Homeschool Review

I have several friends who have used them for years and were quite pleased with the process and the results with their children. One friend in particular, spoke very highly of the affordability of their program which was important to her during a time when she was still schooling several children at home.

Another friend who runs a homeschool program for older students, uses these resources to encourage moms who are unsure of whether or not they can teach their children at home. He confidently refers to the Paces as being "achievable" curriculum that requires little or no parental involvement to complete.

Using the ACE Home School Curriculum

The steps involved in using this program are fairly easy to use and you can get started right away.

  • First, you offer a placement test to determine which level(s) are best for your child.
  • Next, order the Paces that are appropriate for your child in the core subjects and any electives you plan to use.
  • Then, review the unit goals for the Pace with your child and remove the unit test from the student materials before allowing him to begin the Pace.
  • Finally, after several weeks of working at a level that is comfortable for him, it should be time to take the unit test you removed earlier from his student materials.

This type of Christian, self-instructional homeschool program will not be suitable for everyone. However, the fact that children can progress at their own pace and that it requires relatively little recordkeeping, is a definite plus for many.

Take a look at ACE home school curriculum if you are considering a Christian home school curriculum that encourages your child to set goals and work independently. It might be just what you need.

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