Free Language Arts

Use these free language arts worksheets to add fun and variety to your homeschool curriculum lessons. Choose printables for cursive penmanship,spelling, grammar, vocabulary, phonics, and more.

Spelling Worksheets for Older Students

This new section has been added in response to a very familiar question, "Why are my older students such poor spellers?"

Several friends have asked for some resources to use with children who are beyond phonics but are still spelling poorly.

I will regularly add word lists and suggested activities to reinforce spelling rules and tricks. Many of the lists will have a theme such as spelling challenge words, subject related words, and everyday words.

Here is the first one:

Challenge Words

Challenging Spelling Words List 1 - Use provided list of twenty words to quiz, practice, and retest some elementary grade words

More to follow...

Challenging Spelling Words List 2 - More primary challenge words

Challenging Spelling Words List 3 - Still more primary challenge words

Challenging Spelling Words List 4 - Even more primary challenge words

Challenging Spelling Words List 5 - Final primary challenge words list

Review Worksheet of List 1-5 Challenge Words - Worksheet to locate the correctly spelled word from choices given

Doubling Final Consonant Before Vowels:


Word Search

Words Spelled with "ie":

"ie" worksheet

Words Spelled with "qu":

Worksheet #1

Worksheet #2

Words Spelled with "squ":

Worksheet #1

Extra Practice Pages

On this page you can find worksheets covering:

Cursive Penmanship

Color Words - read and trace several color words

Alphabet Letter Pairs - write the alphabet partner for each letter given

Compound Words - add a new word to the list words to form compound words

Synonyms - write a suitable synonym for a word given

Antonyms - write an antonym for list of words

Homophones - write a homophone beside each word given. Then, choose a homophone pair and define each word.

Rhyming Words - write two examples of rhyming words beside each word list item

Silent Letters

Reading Comprehension

Writing an Essay - an overview explaining how to write an essay with a sample and blank lines to write your own essay

Parts of Speech:

Another Nouns Page

Keep checking back often for additions to this page. We are still working to make this page better. If you do not see a worksheet that you need, just contact me and we will try to get it done for you.

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