ACE Home School Curriculum

The ACE home school curriculum is a customizable and achievable homeschool curriculum suitable for teaching all grade levels. After giving the placement exam, you can be sure that your child's instruction is properly geared toward their specific educational needs.      

ace home school curriculum

The ACE homeschool curriculum from Accelerated Christian Education is comprised of small, worktexts that combine the textbook and workbook found in a traditional homeschool program.

Each worktext or PACE is roughly equivalent to a typical chapter found in a textbook.  


Here are just a few of the features of this homeschool curriculum in alphabetical order:         

·         Affordable – this program is very economical and you can choose as much or as little of the basic subjects or electives as you need  

·         Chapter review/test at end – there is a chapter checkup in each PACE that allows the student and you, to gauge whether mastery has been achieved prior to taking the final test for the PACE booklet  

·         Christian based – the entire program is written from a Christian viewpoint and strives to encourage Christ-like character and qualities within its pages    

·         Large, comfortable print – the PACES use a larger font which makes it easier to read, particularly in the younger grades or with a child who may be struggling with reading  

·         Learning objectives – educational goals are clearly stated and the required steps are outlined to help students easily achieve them    

·         Multiple choice – the PACES contain multiple choice and fill-in the blanks types of questions  

·         Paperback – these resources are in a consumable paperback form and make it easy to transport a thin booklet to complete assignments if travel is required during the school day  

·         Placement test – a placement test, instructional material, practice test, and final test create the educational cycle and format of the ACE home school program  

·         Record keeping – parents have very limited responsibilities concerning keeping student records and the company provides helpful forms to make the task even simpler  

·         Required subjects – the PACES cover all basic subjects like English, word building, math, science, Bible, and history, as well as numerous electives  

·         Self-instructional – the materials are designed to be self-teaching and are written to the student with parents available for assistance, if needed  

·         Separate answer keys – optional answer keys can be purchased separately from the subject kits or bundled  

·         Small, manageable chunks this program offers short, manageable chunks of information within each PACE before moving on to the next "chapter" or PACE  

·         Very achievable – the curriculum found in this program is achievable by most students and has been used for several decades in homes and in ACE schools  

·         Very user-friendly – after the diagnostic test is given, placement is determined, PACES ordered , you can easily and quickly begin to use this program with all or some of your students                                                    

Pros/Cons of ACE Home School Curriculum

There is no perfect homeschool program and none that is suitable for all families. However, this program could work well if you have recently pulled a child from public or private school or was just getting started with homeschooling.  

I am familiar with a private school director who immediately places his high school transfers into the ACE home school curriculum when they enter his school. Later, some transition into other programs but many remain with the PACES through completion of high school.  

This program could also be suitable for working moms with numerous children who need their children to work on their own or families with several children.  

It is true that the work is presented/reviewed/tested and answers found within the PACES but isn't that true of traditional textbooks, too, to a lesser degree? Supplemental essay questions, reports, and additional work could always be added to the PACE requirements for enrichment with students.  

All in all, the PACES used in the ACE home school curriculum program do exactly what they suggest to potential buyers – they provide a Christian, user friendly, achievable program for all students.   

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