Choose Your Homeschool Spanish Curriculum with Confidence

You could select a homeschool Spanish curriculum to satisfy a foreign language credit requirement for your children. Some options are Abeka home school curriculum, School of Tomorrow or some of the other home school books on foreign languages.

In our years of schooling, we have used:

  • Power Glide Spanish
  • Spanish the Easy Way
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Spanish tutorial class with Senora Nazario
  • High School Spanish on cds

Without a doubt, I can say that our children enjoyed learning Spanish best in the tutorial situation. Their instructor, a very Godly woman and homeschool mom, presented it in an authoritative manner and incorporated some of her own familiar experiences from her native Puerto Rico.

Of all the other homeschooling programs, they found Power Glide to be the most difficult to relate to. The stories and lessons spoke of queens and kings and were not relevant to them.

When asked to rate these foreign language curriculums on a scale of 1-5, one being their least favorite and five, their favorite, the above language programs ranked 1,4,3,5, and 2.

In addition to choosing a particular home school Spanish curriculum, you also have to fulfill any specific guidelines mandated by your state or home school umbrella group.

Similarly, you have to fully understand your particular reason for teaching a foreign language to your child. Some of them include:

  • ethnicity or family history
  • missionary goals
  • potential college area of concentration
  • region of world you currently live in
  • desire to communicate with others

Another option is to consider online homeschool resources.

Few people study Spanish as a means of improving their vocabulary for ACT/SAT testing, as Latin might. But, whatever the reason, there is a suitable program out there that interests your style of teaching and your child's learning style.

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