An Online Homeschool Art Curriculum Review

Do you use a dedicated homeschool art program or do you simply make it up as you go along? I'm not judging, I just wonder what others do in their home schools.

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Homeschool Art Options

I tried the Rod & Staff art packets as an option when our children were younger and they worked well. They were really simple to use.

You just ordered a set of worksheets or copied from their masters and did the lessons in consecutive order. Easy peasy!

Another homeschool art curriculum I tried was the ABeka art workbooks which we did as a group. Again, it was a matter of previewing the assignment, gathering any necessary craft supplies, and handing out the prepared worksheet pages to add to the homeschool lesson plans.

But, I was generally in that group that just made it up as I went along with no set order of what we would be doing from month to month.  

I must confess that it's not that I don't want to stimulate and develop artistic interest in our children. However, it has more to do with my own inadequacies around that area.

I am unbelievably talented when it comes to coloring and tracing pictures, but that's the extent of my capabilities.

I'm sure that's why I appreciate the wonderful design programs I own on my computer that allow me to do many things beyond my own creative strengths!

One of the many pros of homeschooling is the ability to use various methods of fulfilling the homeschooling requirements for your children in the subject areas.


When Your Children Need More

As it turned out, I have several children who are very talented artistically and several were even passionate about the subject as to study it in greater detail and learn advanced techniques on their own.

But, recently, I discovered another option for one of our children who clearly needed more instruction than what I was able to provide. It is an online homeschool art instruction course called Foster Art Academy (FAA).

FAA is operated by a homeschooling father who is a talented, highly sought-after, professional artist and author who desires to teach children to excel in the arts.

How it Works

Our son was enrolled in the online homeschool art program which was a painless process. Shortly thereafter, he received the log-in information and welcome email to the group. 

He receives email instructions for each assignment approximately once per week.

I had to create a Flickr account to upload his completed work. The instructor reviews it and comments on each picture. He is also able to see what the other students in his "class" are doing.

Most of the assignments have included a link to a corresponding YouTube instructional or inspirational video to view. After watching the video, he has been able to complete the assignment and is making great progress.

Our Experience

I wish I had discovered this homeschool curriculum option for art earlier, but I am able to take advantage of it now. Our son receives constructive critiques and encouragement on his work from Mr. Foster.

The tuition is $50.00 per month for four online lessons. There are family discounts available for multiple students enrolled in a single family.

The Foster Art Academy, which teaches children eight and older, has been a huge help for our family.

Their method of using the instructional videos has proven to be ample training to complete the assignments within the weekly timeframe and he is definitely improving in his artistic skills.

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