Ashley's High School Home Study Experience

Ashley, mother of three, is another example that high school home study can be a viable homeschool option for your family. She completed home education and earned a homeschool diploma using the traditional textbook, tutorial studies or online homeschool program as her high school homeschool curriculum.

Congratulations for showing that high school home study can be done!

Here are my original homeschooling questions about her homeschool experience and her answers:

How long were you homeschooled?

I was homeschooled for 11 years.

Did you ever want to attend a public or private school instead of homeschool?


What did you most enjoy about home education?

I liked the ability to study and progress at my own pace instead of being pushed too fast or held back based on an entire classroom’s progress.

What did you least enjoy about home education?

Sometimes, back then, I felt like I was missing out on things my friends were doing.

How would you summarize your parents' decision to homeschool?

Both parents wanted to raise us and teach us in a Godly way instead of the way that public schools teach, with a complete lack of God everyday. They wanted to make sure that we were able to progress at our own pace (within reason) and not be held back because of others or pushed too far ahead.

Are you planning to homeschool your children?

If I had the ability to homeschool my kids I would.

Did you take any classes outside your home? How was that experience?

Yes, I took music (violin) and Spanish classes. I also had a math tutor. I really enjoyed it! It gave me the chance to work on social skills and do something outside of my homeschool environment.

I have heard some people say things like homeschooled kids don't have the ability to have social skills. But, I will stand here and say that is very untrue. I believe I could socialize with people just as well as any child that went to public or private school or better!

What were some of the comments/questions you received from peers or adults while you were schooled at home?

Do you enjoy being homeschooled? Did you ever wish your parents put you in public or private school? Do you think you had the same opportunities as kids in public or private schools?

In answer to those questions..... Yes I loved being homeschooled. I was asked by my parents a couple times if I wanted to be put in school and I never wanted to. I believe I had the same or even better opportunities as any other child.

Do you think home education adequately prepared you for college, trade school, or your career? Why or why not?

Yes I do. I graduated high school with honors and I'm graduating a career college with honors as well, so that says I was very well prepared. I think my parents where tougher on me to study, read, and write because I was homeschooled. They wanted to make sure that I did the absolute best I could. They also taught me how to study and make good use of study time.

If the clocks were turned back, would you want to be homeschooled again?

Most definitely!! I would do it over the same way every time! :)

High school home study can be successfully completed in your home, too. Home education doesn't have to end after completing middle school grades any longer. High school homeschool curriculum, online homeschool, and support are readily available now.

~Submitted by Ashley, Age 26~
2003 Homeschool High School Diploma Recipient

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