Elizabeth's High School
Home Study Experience

Elizabeth, lovingly known as "Liz," shares how high school home study can be a successful homeschool option for families.

She completed her home education program and earned a homeschool diploma using either the traditional textbook, tutorial studies or online homeschool as her high school homeschool curriculum.

Congratulations for showing that high school home study can be done!

Here are my original homeschooling questions about her homeschool experience and her answers:

How long were you homeschooled?

I was homeschooled my entire life, and I'm told I got my first phonics book when I was only three years old.

Did you ever want to attend a public or private school instead of homeschool?

A little bit. People in public schools have access to sports programs, music programs, debate clubs, chess clubs, and those types of things. However, I'd have been split up from my younger sister because of our age difference if we weren't homeschooled. Instead, she was able to advance a grade and we completed homeschool together.

What did you most enjoy about home education?

I like that when I'm at home I can just walk up into the living room- where we keep our homeschool books- and read a history book, most days. I liked being home. I think it's better for people to learn in an emotionally comfortable environment, and I know every square inch of my house. Plus, I get to work with my siblings and I even taught them an art class.

What did you least enjoy about home education?

Hmmm. I think it would have been nice having some other kids around in my own grade level, besides my sister, to compete against.

How would you summarize your parents' decision to homeschool?

My parents have a mandate from God to homeschool their children. Homeschooling makes us close as a family, it's good for the younger ones to learn from the older ones, and it teaches everyone patience.

Are you planning to homeschool your children?

If I ever get married, and if I ever have kids, the answer is yes.

Did you take any classes outside your home? How was that experience?

I did take some community art classes once, with my brother, and it was okay. I was a bit nervous about going but I am pretty good at art.

What were some of the comments/questions you received from peers or adults while you were schooled at home?

Pretty much the usual, 'Oh, you're homeschooled? Do you get to do school in your pajamas?' or 'Don't you ever want to go to a 'real' school?'

I think some people did wonder about the social interaction, but that wouldn't have stopped me from being a "writer geek." Besides, in my opinion, the ability to relate to a wide array of people is better than having a "specialty in peers" that you only use during high school and college years. The real world is more suited to the former where you need to be able to associate with all ages and types of people.

Do you think home education adequately prepared you for college, trade school, or your career? Why or why not?

I'm not exactly sure yet what I want to major in, but I feel pretty confident in my history and English lit. Also, I'm really looking forward to speech and philosophy. The only thing I might have trouble in, that I can't teach myself, is math. My dad is good at math and sometimes he helped me, but I was not too pleased with my ACT scores in math.

If the clocks were turned back, would you want to be homeschooled again?

Yes. Not only to preserve the time line, but because I know a homeschool education is the best thing - the right and only decision for me and my family.

High school home study can be successfully completed in your home, too. Home education doesn't have to end after completing middle school grades any longer. High school homeschool curriculum, online homeschool, and support are readily available now.

~Submitted by Elizabeth, Age 18~
2010 Homeschool High School Diploma Recipient

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