Free Printable Geography Worksheets

These geography worksheets should help as you teach your children about our world. Basically, we will utilize some free, printable PDF documents to explore the science of the earth’s surface including its topography (surface), resources, climate, and population.

I know that sounds pretty complicated but it really isn’t. It hasn’t changed much since you may have been in school. However, now students do have the added benefit of using the Internet for their research. How fortunate!

geography worksheets geography worksheets

According to the 1984 creation of standards by the National Council for Geographic Education, the five themes of geography include:

- which deals with the specific address, point on a map, time zone or general whereabouts of a place on the earth

- the physical and human description such as topography, animals, plants, and ideas/behavior influencing how they relate to the place

Human/Environment Interaction
- the positive or negative effects people have on a place, how they have adapted to life there or changed the landscape

- the transportation of people, goods, and ideas from one place to another

- an informal or formal area that shares similarities of beliefs, politics or topographical features, such as "The Rockies" in western North America

geography worksheets

Use these supplemental hand-outs as a complement to most any homeschool curriculum to enrich or review your studies.

Or, you can print them and include with lapbooks you create on a favorite topic. Encourage your children to keep them together in a binder or notebook for future use.

Although many of the popular homeschool curriculum programs may include supplemental blackline masters or student activities workbooks, there can still be a need to include extra worksheets.

Free, printables begin here:

Our United States - Pt. 1
Our United States - Pt. 2

I will be adding more of these so check back often to see what's new!

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